Tibetan Butter Sculpture Exhibition

The Tibetan Children’s Educational Foundation , a US based non profit, is pleased to present Lama Paljor from Sikkim. India. Tibetan monk Lama Paljor is visiting the US on a 2 month fund raising tour. He will be entertaining us with a traditional TIBETAN BUTTER SCULPTURE demonstration at China Woods ,

OCTOBER 27th from 5 – 8pm.

This art is believed to be around four hundred years old. Monk artists use butter and dyes to create beautiful images of flowers, animals and dieties as offering to the buddhas. It is believed that by making such offerings a positive collective karma is created which overcomes epidemics, hunger, war and other negative effects ushering peace and harmony in the world.

Depending on the size and elaborateness of the offerings, butter sculptures can take a day or several days. Unfortunately, Lama Paljor’s busy schedule on his American tour will not allow him to do a full butter sculpture at any venue. This demonstration event will be approximately 3 hours and will include an introduction to this art, the motivation and history behind its creation and insight into the techniques that artists use.

Lama Paljor has been recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his humanitarian work in educating the under served poor children of the Sikkim Himalayan region. The Sukhavati Educational Hostel was funded and built due to the efforts of Lama Paljor , TCEF supports his work by an educational sponsorship program, connecting you in the west to the children with great need in Sikkim.

Please join us and meet Lama Paljor a truly goodhearted monk with a sense of humor, and dedicated to service for the poor. Did I mention this wonderful demonstration is FREE!

For more information please call China Woods at 406-550-2511.