journey to zanskar event at the shop

We're happily hosting an event at the shop benefitting the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation, and their landmark service trip, Journey to Zanskar. I really hope you can make it. This is exactly the kind of thing we like to support - we like the people involved, the cause is good, and 100% of the funding is going to support the trip. It's $25, and includes food, stimulating conversation, and handsome people!

Here's the press release:

Tibetan Children's Education Foundation (TCEF), a Montana non-profit, is leading a medical and education service trip to the remote NW Himalayan region of Zanskar.

Join us on Sunday, May 18th from 6pm-8pm
Benefit Event and Presentation about Zanskar
Hosted at China Woods, 716 North Dickens, Missoula
$20.00 Indian Dinner, Wine and Beer

As one of the highest inhabited regions on the planet, the residents who are predominately Tibetan Buddhist live in isolated conditions 7-8 months of the year, presenting difficult challenges in access to education and healthcare. The reported rate of infant mortality in this region is 50%.

Seven Montanans will make the journey in June 2014, and provide medical supplies and training to the villagers in this remote region. Funds raised at this event will assist in the purchase of medical supplies and equipment.

TCEF has been working with Geshe Yonten, a Tibetan monk from this region on educational sponsorship, over the past 3 years. At the request of our collaborative partner, Lobsang Chosphel, President of the Himalayan Medical and Ecological Development Society, these medical training clinics will be held in several of the villages.

Also joining us will be Roberta Anderson...for a book signing of her recently published book: Thank you India

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