Date set for annual Kyrgyzstan felt event

Handmade Felt Crafts from Kyrgyzstan Nov 29 and Nov 30

Special event sale of Paula Goldman's handmade felted crafts from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Paula employs women in Kyrgyzstan who make felted wool carpets, pillows, hats, slippers, handbags, saddle blankets, wall hangings, Christmas ornaments and stockings, belts and scarves. For centuries the tribal women have been making shirdaks, hand-felted carpets used to line the yurt for warmth and decoration. These carpets are made from morino sheep wool which they felt, color with dyes, cut in ornate patterns, stitch, and finally quilt into thick, luxurious, warm rugs. Sat and Sunday only. Paula says she has lots of new items! Nov 29 and 30, 11-5 pm.