Chinese Zither Performance

We are pleased to host a performance by Hua Jin playing the Chinese Zither. Hua Jin is the Mandarin Chinese teacher at the Confucius Institute at the University of Montana, and an accomplished player of the zither.

The Chinese Zither, commonly called the Zheng, is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument usually made of phoenix tree wood. It has existed since the Warring States Period (475B.C.-221B.C.).   By the Tang Dynasty (618 CE to 907 CE), the zheng was arguably the most commonly played instrument in China. By using a rhythmic breath it can produce a very graceful and beautiful melody, which is physically and psychologically helpful to the old and, in turn, has the function prolonging life.

Masterpieces are Songs of Fishing Boats at DuskHigh Mountains Flowing Water, Autumn Moon Over the Han PalaceThe Zheng has found its way into contemporary music. Here is Michelle Kwan covering the Guns 'N Roses songSweet Child of Mine, and the Daft Punk song, Derezzed.

Here are a few pics from the actual live performance!