furniture care

Occasional waxing is the most important element in the care of your furniture. Be aware that wax is not protective, but it does add beauty and color to your finished piece. What protects the surface of your furniture is the finish, be it lacquer, shellac, or some other similar product.

Our recommendations for preserving the life of each rattan or wood piece:

Do not use silicon waxes, lemon oil or other oily polishes.  We recommend a quality carnuba paste or creme wax, such as Johnson’s Paste Wax, or American Paste Wax.  A more expensive alternative is Renaissance Wax. Kingdom Restorations is a good source for wax.

 Application: Apply a thin film of wax to the surface, working a small area at one time. Always rub in the same direction as the grain, then buff with a soft, dry cloth.

For cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth, and then dry the piece  immediately with a clean, soft cloth. A light coat of  wax should then be applied.

 Wood is a natural product. Sun bleaching may occur when wood is exposed to sunlight, incandescent or fluorescent lighting. This may cause darker finishes to lighten and lighter finishes may darken. Arrange your  furniture so that it does not sit near heat registers, air-conditioning units, radiators, or direct light sources.

A split occurring in a piece of furniture is a natural reaction to temperature and humidity changes. Most splits can be filled and stained to match the color of the original piece.