mah jong tiles and lucky dice

mah jong tiles and lucky dice

The lucky numbers:

Because the number six sounds, when pronounced, like prosperity it has taken on the aspects of rank and promotion.  All things will flow smoothly with the number six. The sixth day of the month is auspicious for celebrations of all kinds. A gift of six similar objects is particularly auspicious. 

Eight can also be lucky.  Eight figures in the legend of the eight immortals.  Each of the eight figures symbolizes a condition of life ranging from wealth versus poverty, old age versus youth, nobility versus commoner.  Each of the eight has achieved immortality through an act of dedication, morality, or sacrifice.  The figures are revered as symbols of eternal life.

Eight is also a most auspicious number because it rhymes with the word for prosperity.  A common saying says “if you want to be wealthy, don’t be without the number eight”.  Eight can be seen in lucky telephone numbers or a series of eights on a license plate.  Like the number six, as in the sixth day of the month, the eighth day of the month is considered auspicious for opening a business or getting married.

In the Ming Dynasty the eight Buddhist symbols and the eight treasurers became popular motifs on garments and ceramics.  The symbols are the wheel, conch, umbrella, flag, lotus, vase fish and mystic knot.  The treasures are symbolized as a collection of eight objects tied with a red ribbon.