Borobudur Brass Buddha Set


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  • 16 small Buddha statues make up this beautifully laid out rendition of the temples of Borobudur, Indonosia

  • There are three pallenquins with the upper one open

  • This stunning set of Buddhas ships the same day from our Montana showroom

  • Materials: Indonesian Brass Made in Java
    Weight: 8 pounds

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Additional Info

This beautiful set of 16 Buddhas is styled after the Buddha statues in the temple structure of Borobudur in Java, Indonesia.  Each small Buddha has one hand reaching down towards the earth in the classic earth touching mudra.  There are three pallenquins, two of which are closed with the topmost umbrella open to shade the tallest Buddha.  This sculpture is very unique.  We have not seen anything like it before.  Judging by the fantastic patina, this piece is very old.