door with magu, priestess of the harvest

door with magu, priestess of the harvest


This painted door depicts the Taoist goddess Magu. Mágū is usually depicted as a lovely woman with long nails accompanied by a deer, and carrying a peach, or basket of peaches. The peaches grant longevity, and a drink of her famous elixir is said to bestow perpetual youth.

We collected this painting near Ningbo, China, in 2008. It is mounted on a stand.

  • dimensions 35"W x 55"H
  • price $2500 local pickup or delivery


She is a Taoist goddess, and a symbolic protector of woman.

Her name translates as 'hemp lady', or 'hemp priestess'. 

Many tales are told of her, the most famous being about her long nails. Once, while at a banquet, her host became obsessed with the idea of how wonderful it would be to have his back scratched by her long nails. For these unseemly thoughts, the host was thrashed by an invisible whip. 'As delightful as being scratched by Mágū'  is a common expression of randy delight.

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