Rare Mashru Silk Fabric

Green Mashru with Red Gumdrops #74

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36” in width.

These rare Mashru textiles were woven for Muslim communities who believed that silk should not touch a person’s skin. Crafting a solution that enabled people to honor this belief while still appearing dressed in the finest clothing, weavers mixed silk and cotton threads to create a textile that was simple cotton on one side and rich silk on the other. The meaning of Mashru is “this is allowed.”

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Rare Mashru Silk Fabric

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Mashru fabric is made by interlacing silk and cotton yarns. Cotton makes the weft, or the horizontal yarns, while silk is used for the warp, or the vertical yarns. In this weave, each silk yarn goes under one cotton yarn and above five or eight or more cotton yarns, giving an appearance of a shiny surface that looks like it is made up of only silk, while the underside of the fabric is cotton.

After weaving , the fabric is washed with cold water and beaten with wooden hammers for about one minute while it is still moist. Then a paste of wheat flour called glazing is applied on the folds of the fabric. The fabric is later beaten with wooden hammers and compressed. Finally, color is added to the fabric using natural vegetable dyes.

These textiles are rare, as most current weaving is done with rayon rather than silk.

Many other patterns available. Inquire.

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