large rabari embroidery


large Rabari embroidery from India; 78” x 83”

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The semi-nomadic Rabari community is found around Kutch, a desert area in Gujarat, Western India – though their famous hand crafted embroidery is evident over large areas of India and across the vast deserts of Rajasthan.   Proud of their traditions and artistic heritage, the Rabari tribal women love to decorate themselves and their simple abodes with colorful and harmonious embroidery pieces.

Bold hand worked motifs are inspired by family and village life - the sun, landscape, trees, flowers, peacocks, camels, etc as well as Moghul inspired architecture and Persian designs featuring simple geometrics. The embroidery motifs and garment styles identify the wearer’s social status, age, marital status or ethnic tribal region.

Mirror work, fine chain stitch, satin stitch, running stitches and herringbone are frequently used, with embroidery styles evolving through the generations.  Mirror fragments are finely embedded with tiny buttonhole stitches.  Beads, shells, tassels and buttons are added for individual effect as the artisan is inspired, to make the work truly original.